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I’ve just completed my application packet to become a mentor, as part of a local Big Brothers / Big Sisters type of program. Both the mentors and the mentees, who are kids between six and nine years old, need to fill out the same “About Me” questionnaire to help them get acquainted with each other before they actually meet. It’s one of those surveys that I probably filled out at some point in elementary school, or when I was in the Girl Scouts, so the teacher or group leader could get to know me. I had to complete sentences like, “The best thing about school is __________” and “When I grow up, I __________.” In case you’re wondering, I think the best thing about school is learning new stuff (too obvious?), and I want to be a writer when I grow up.

Besides learning about my hobbies and personality traits, the child I get matched with will want to know what I look like. Do I attach a photo of myself to the application? No. I draw a self-portrait.

Shockingly(!), this is not my finest piece of work. I actually drew another version of myself a few months ago, after I’d first contacted the program and gotten my application materials. That first draft had a remote resemblance to the way I really look. Then I spilled a glass of water over the entire stack of paperwork, and my art was ruined. This is my second attempt. Check out the eyes; they’re a little scary.

It’s hard enough just to draw one portrait, so when it came time to draw a picture of my family, I went with stick figures. Here we are. My brother is unintentionally hovering a few inches above the imaginary ground, but other than that, it’s totally accurate.

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  1. mari boersma

     /  July 8, 2010

    I hope the big brother/sister thing is a great experince for you! Being around kids is a lot of fun. I love re living childhood experinces through adult eyes, like painting, dancing, playing with barbies or my little ponies, legos, trains

    I still draw in Stick figures too. My husband is really artistic and my girls have gotten that talent. They surpass my drawing ability around the age of 4.

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