Breaking and rebuilding

I’ve known all along that going into a relationship would present challenges for me, and that I’d be taken on a sort of emotional journey. But I never thought it would reach this point. You might say that I’ve been given a swift kick in the pants to take a deep look inside myself.

Yes, I could use this forum to complain and wallow—and maybe I will, later. Right now I’m marking the beginning of what is supposed to be my Courageous Year. I’ve narrowed down my wishes for self-improvement and come up with the following list of goals:

1. Learn to trust in my own decision-making abilities; have more faith in the life choices I make.

2. Let go of self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy in social situations, relationships, work situations, and other ventures.

3. Be more accepting of uncertainty and imperfections in life.

4. Let myself pursue, without fear, activities/hobbies that bring me joy and good health. (Note: This includes blogging!)

5. Strengthen my sense of individual identity.

It’s quite a hefty list, but what better way could there be for me to spend this time alone? Wish me strength, love, and courage.

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  1. It’s funny that those could very well be my goals to work on also. It seems we are in the same kind of boat!

  2. kristenpdx

     /  February 24, 2010

    Leisha, I think these are very healthy goals to work on. Good luck, and email me if you need to get anything off your chest!

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