Autumnal updates

I can’t let my beloved blog go un-updated any longer. This post will have to be limited, though, as I’m currently at work (but experiencing a lull).

What I’ve been doing lately:


My brother returned from his tour in Iraq and stopped to see me on a southbound trip from Tacoma. He can’t wait to have his civilian clothes back and let his hair grow out.

Last month, some friends came to run the Portland Marathon. My boyfriend and I helped them load up on carbs with a home-cooked spaghetti dinner.


Taking my first business trip last week, I traveled more lightly than I ever have before. It was just a hop and a skip from Portland to Boise, and I didn’t have to set foot in the office all day.

I am frantically taking on more responsibilities at work. At the same time, I’m training new hires to take over my old responsibilities.

The Friends of the Multnomah County Library thanked me for volunteering at their used book sale. However, the pleasure of free coffee and Voodoo Doughnuts while I worked—and the opportunity to take home a stack of cheap books—was repayment enough.


I went, alone, to see Modest Mouse in concert at the Crystal Ballroom. It was worth the ticket price, the Ticketmaster surcharge, and the ATM fees I paid to be able to buy a T-shirt.

On Halloween I dressed in my black-and-orange finest to tour some historic gravesites. Then I went to a party and made an impression with some sweet faux-guitar solos on The Beatles Rock Band.

The Nerdy Ladies Board Game Group was brought back to life, briefly. I hope we’ll play again soon.


I returned to Sauvie Island and discovered frozen pies at the Pumpkin Patch store. I have two different kinds waiting to be baked at home.

Apples and pears make a delicious fruit cobbler. My favorite part of the preparation is rolling the buttery, crumbly topping between my fingers before spreading it over the fruit.

I’m afraid my sweet tooth may be insatiable at this time of year. Coffee shops tempt me with their pumpkin breads and peppermint mochas.


On a personal level, the past few months have been intense. I’ve fallen in love.

My therapist is helping me through it. Anxiety keeps striking against all sense.

For the first time in years, I’m learning what it means for me to be in a relationship. I hope the process continues for a while.

Things are looking up.

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