I’ve just completed a short course in writing creative nonfiction. One of the primary lessons was this: practice, practice, practice. On a logical level, I’ve known all along how important it is to keep writing on a frequent and regular basis. That is why I started this blog with the intention of posting at least once a week. Wasn’t it inevitable that life would start getting in the way? But I can’t blame my lack of posting on life circumstances (which, by the way, are great across the board); a writing practice is supposed to be part of that life. I blame it on my lack of discipline. Today I’ve had many hours to myself that could have been used for something constructive and creative—perhaps cracking open the shiny-covered notebook I bought in a fit of optimism after that final session of writing class. Making that purchase was a decent first step, assuming the writing process begins with 1) Obtain paper. Actually, that’s probably Step Zero. Through the next few steps I should be fashioning the elements of my writing practice in a way that will encourage me to stick to it. Which days and times are best? Should I sit at my table, or on the couch, or go to a coffee shop? How can I encourage myself to write nonstop for a set period of time without anybody watching over me, as in a class?

Evidently, my immediate priority is making sure that my blog has a new entry—a whole week late! The practice will probably come along gradually. It’s clear to me that I’ll never be short of things to write about; part of the trouble is just trying to select something from that wide array. I haven’t decided yet how much I want to share about my new relationship, or how I could even describe what I’m feeling about it (especially without using clichés). The happiness it brings tends to infuse all parts of my consciousness. One on hand, this causes my mind to be a little fuzzy around the edges. On the other hand, my elevated energy and appreciation for life beg to be brought into focus and channeled through some sort of creative process. Until I can figure that out, I’ll cherish these feelings for what they are. More good things are yet to come.

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