Portlanders seemed to fall in love with the world two days ago. We’ve begun to experience a warm spell. Flowers have been blooming around town for a couple of weeks, but it’s taken a while for warmth and sunshine to make themselves known. People are taking any opportunity they can to bask in it, I imagine, while the temperature is still tolerable and not oven-like. The person who sits next to me at work moved away for several hours in the middle of the day, to an empty office that was receiving more sunlight. Not having a laptop, I was unable to follow suit; but I did eat lunch down by the river bank, sitting on a patch of shaded grass.

During the coolness of late Saturday morning I became infatuated (again) with my neighborhood. It’s quiet and lovely during any season, with giant old trees and colorful houses to be found in every direction. When the flowers bloom and the air is bright and clear, it’s even more wonderful. For a time this weekend I even felt inclined to smile genuinely at people passing on the sidewalk. Typically only the dogs and babies make me smile. Flowers make me smile, too, from magnolias to daffodils to the little purple things sprouting up in front lawns. I can forgive the sneezing that comes along with spring blooms.

Waterfront Park was heavily trodden on Sunday. Hundred of cameras were out to capture the sunlight as it was filtered and reflected by thousands of pink-tinged cherry blossoms. Unfortunately I was one of the few without a camera, but that would have felt superfluous. It was simply a beautiful, cheerful afternoon. It did turn out to be a bit sweltering, though. After so many chilly months, even a moderate helping of heat seems a shock to my system. I hope that spring will fully develop on its own before morphing into summer.

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  1. Tony

     /  April 7, 2009

    The boy and I looked at the pictures today. He knows your name.

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