Previewing spring

This is the first evening in months in which I haven’t turned on my heater. Before Daylight Savings Time began last weekend, my first order of business on arriving home from work was to turn up the thermostat and get some warm air blowing around. That is still my first priority every morning, especially since the time change has made for a colder and darker waking experience. This morning was no different, but at day’s end I realized it was a perfect opportunity to start cutting back on my heating bill. The late sun had been persistent enough to creep in through my apartment windows and leave some heat as a souvenir.

It’s only a preview, really; the outside air is still surprisingly cold and has been that way for the last couple weeks. Whenever I think I can get away with wearing less than a down jacket, I’m soon proven wrong by a chilly blast of wind. I look forward to being less reliant on that cumbersome, itchy piece of outerwear. In a month, maybe, I’ll be able to leave home without my wool hat and gloves. I’ll be able to wear shorter skirts and be bare-legged underneath them, too. The downside is that my little “island in the sun” at work—a desk beneath a large skylight—will start to heat up. There’s not much to be done about that. One has to retain a minimal level of clothing while at work. Perhaps a large parasol?

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