Weekend catch-up

I shouldn’t be like this: feeling tired and/or cranky when arriving home from work, unwilling to cook a meal or do anything besides plop down on the couch with Sex and the City cued up in the DVD player. I should be doing healthy things and using every day as an opportunity to make my life worthwhile. My schedule generally isn’t busy enough, or sufficiently filled with stressful things, to justify such consistent laziness. In my defense, it is wearying to face an hour-long bus ride home. Riding the bus can’t be any more monotonous than maneuvering your own vehicle through 5:00 traffic, but it’s stuffy and uncomfortable; and unless you’re on the freeway, the bus is definitely the slowest thing on the road. It’s kind of ironic that when I’m off the bus and my “day” is officially over, I often choose to continue on the monotonous path of doing nothing.

Last week was genuinely busy and stressful–conditions that were reflected in the disheveled state of my kitchen. Meal planning and cleaning went out the window. I get mentally disheveled, too, when I can’t find the time to slow down. I will stay up later than I should, surfing the Web with the TV or stereo as background noise, because I dread the moment of quieting down and finding out what’s really going on with me. If I think about it, I might only become disappointed in myself for not keeping up the household and neglecting all the hobbies I could pursue if I just put forth a little effort. It’s a “two steps forward, one step back” kind of cycle in which I’m constantly ambling, and I rarely have a good excuse for not taking the next step forward.

Weekends are supposed the be the time for catching up. I usually find myself stuck between the adult obligations of cleaning and grocery shopping, and the more juvenile (or free-spirited) idea that weekends are for fun and laziness. Although my life has plenty of room for both, sometimes I’m too stubborn to even begin tackling the obligatory parts. This weekend I’m still somewhere in the middle. My kitchen is clean, but dust continues to gather in the other rooms. I have foodstuffs, but no idea how they will come together to form meals over the next five days. I completed a big shopping expedition for household supplies and followed it up with buying some clothes that I don’t really need. (Retail therapy, sad as it is, belongs in a whole ‘nother blog post.) Dare I even mention the junk food I’ve been eating lately?

In truth, it’s been a good weekend, and I plan to cap it off by cooking some healthy food tonight. Maybe that’ll even give me some extra energy to clean the bathroom. All I need is a little nudge to get caught up.

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