In a dark corner

Usually, in a coffee shop, I like to sit where the sun doth shine. My coffee shop time is generally an odd way of socializing, since it puts me in close proximity to other folks who are doing similar things, like reading or working (playing?) on a laptop. It doesn’t matter that I don’t talk to other people; at least I’m out of my apartment and making myself part of the community for an hour or two. Today, though, I’m in a dark corner. I could have grabbed a table by the front window, watching people enter and exit, getting distracted by glimpses of blue sky. Instead I went back as far as one can go. This coffeehouse in Northwest Portland is cavernous. My current corner is isolated, dim, and features vents that let in some chill from the outside as well as the conversations of people doing business in the back office. I feel reclusive.

This is really not an appropriate day to be bat-like. It’s the last day of a three-day weekend, and we’re having some gorgeous weather. I don’t even have to wear my beanie unless I’m walking in the shade of downtown buildings. Yesterday was the same. I got myself red-cheeked and blister-footed after walking several miles, starting in my neighborhood near Mt. Tabor and ending at Waterfront Park via the Steel Bridge and Eastbank Esplanade. A good chunk of my route coincided with that of the ironically titled “Worst Day of the Year” bike ride. I probably would have been out riding, too, if my bike hadn’t been stolen a few nights ago. I was too stubborn and cheap to believe that a chain lock would be insufficient.

Well, I just took a peek out the front window and it seems to have clouded over. Here’s to memories of yesterday:

Eastbank Esplanade

Eastbank Esplanade

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