Winter storm


Meanwhile, by late today a winter storm will blast parts of Washington and Oregon with snow and wind.

A blizzard warning is in effect the Washington Cascades and the Olympic range. Strong winds in the western foothills of the Washington Cascades and in the Columbia Gorge could exceed 60 mph, cause tree and power line damage.

Significant snow will fall tonight and Sunday across a very cold western Washington including Seattle where 5 to 10 inches are possible. The lower elevations are all under a winter storm warning. As milder air tries to come inland later Sunday, southwest Washington could see a switchover to sleet and freezing rain.

Overnight and Sunday, slowly rising snow levels across western Oregon will quickly change snow to rain at the lowest levels. The Portland area which is under a winter storm warning will be the exception where very cold and strong easterly winds through the Columbia Gorge will constantly refresh the below freezing air in the city. After an initial 3-to-8 burst of heavy snow overnight, Portland will face a major ice storm where ice coatings could eventually exceed an inch with major tree damage and power outages.

I stayed home, pajama-clad, until about 5:00 this afternoon. The snow has piled up to about six inches or so, on average, in my neighborhood. Despite the fact that I can’t go anywhere without getting freezer-burned, I’m loving this. (Yeah, I know—ask me again next year and you may get a different answer.) I’m enthralled by the hollow sound of swirling wind and and the feel of my boots sinking into a powdery snowdrift. When it turns into ice, that’s a different and more dangerous story, but right now it’s gorgeous!

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