Positivity on the road to world domination

In moments of cynicism, I feel that my life here won’t be any different from my life in Humboldt. After all, I’m the same person I’ve always been and I fall into the same patterns. Example: When I get bored I am too lazy to think of an interesting activity, so I rely on going to the mall or hanging out at a coffee shop. There’s nothing wrong with those things except that they are focused on consuming/buying stuff and being indoors while not getting any exercise (unless I ride my bike a couple miles to get there). And there aren’t many variations on the theme. At the mall—any mall—I will find several products to “ooh” and “aah” over, but I’ll talk myself out of buying them because they’re impractical or unnecessary. I don’t like to accumulate a lot of stuff, anyway. Coffee shops offer some more choices: reading a book or magazine, writing a letter, or doing a crossword puzzle. But it only takes about an hour before I’m restless and ready to mosey on.

When I think about the futility of these activities I get discouraged from going anywhere at all, so I stay home and go on the Internet or watch a DVD of a show I’ve already seen ten times. Not very enriching or life-affirming. At times I feel like I’m still living in a small town, because I’ve familiarized myself with so few parts of this city.

However, this post is not meant to be whiny. First, the question of boredom becomes less applicable tomorrow as I start a new full-time job. Back to the grind—and, to boot, I have about an hour of commuting time each way via public transit. It doesn’t bother me to have to do that for a while, but I will eventually move closer to the office. The second reason why this is not a whiny post is that when I do get out of the house, I remember how much I like it here. I don’t have a single regret about moving. I think there’s a lot of interesting things to see and do, if I know where to look. Simply getting some fresh air or spending an hour walking the streets downtown can be unbelievably pleasant. Third, I had a good weekend and I’m very cheerful today. Yesterday I went to the Saturday Market to be among crowds for a spell, then met my Special Someone for lunch and a movie. Today I did my grocery shopping, checked out some books from the library, and wrote a letter to an inquisitive family member. Meanwhile I’m keeping the house clean. It’s amazing what a positive difference it can make just to take care of the little tasks that help to keep my life in order.

My long-term goal is to take care of the basics, get settled in … then take over the world. You all knew it would happen someday.

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