Two weeks in

I’ve been enjoying the life of being unemployed. I do realize how lucky I am to be able to say that—I don’t have any big expenses, I’ve got money saved up, and my parents would help me if things got too bad. But I feel like I’m gonna be just fine on my own. My cheerfulness can only benefit me in job interviews. I’ve had a couple interviews so far and some temporary work probably in the pipeline. I hope my optimism is not misplaced.

I wish I knew more people here and I wish I got out just a little bit more, but I’m enjoying myself and I have no doubt that everything will fall into place with time. I’m grateful that the summer weather allows me to get around on my bike. One of these days I’d like to pedal across the Columbia River, although the I-5 bridge seems kind of intimidating. Nevertheless, there are plenty of parks and other things within a few miles of my house. Last week I went to Last Thursdays in the Alberta Arts District, a street fair/crafts bazaar/art exhibit resulting in an extremely crowded situation. Arts Alive in Eureka tends to be just as crowded, but for some reason I felt a longing for it that evening. It was only the second time I’ve missed Humboldt. The first was when I started thinking about the ocean. I wonder if I’ve just been too preoccupied to miss my old home—I keep waiting for some sadness to kick in.

Another week of blissful, hot, sticky laziness is nigh. On Thursday and Friday I have plans with a Special Someone. In the meantime I have my computer, some coffee, books, music, a bike, the MAX, and parks aplenty. Oh, and job listings to browse.

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