Big Trip: Part 5 (Portland)

Friday, May 16
6:03 PM

My body can hardly take this kind of heat! It’s been almost 100 degrees today in Portland. All day I have been walking around sweatily, getting blisters from uncomfortable dress shoes, carrying my laptop computer and a folder crammed with job-search materials. I have made a couple of good contacts so far, but I wish I had set up more appointments. There will always be next month for that. I’ve given notice to my landlord, so as long as I find a place to live I will definitely be moving here on June 15 or thereabouts.

So far it has been fun, tiring and humbling. I rented a car my first day here (after Hawaii) and took many wrong turns. I’ve also spent hours walking around looking for addresses and tripping in my dress shoes as I go. Yesterday I thought I had found a great place to live, but the room went to somebody else before I gave my answer. There’s another room I’m going to see tomorrow that’s in a great location; hopefully everything else about it will be good.

Jenny has been gracious enough to let me crash at her apartment, and she drives me to the transit center in the mornings and takes me to other places I need to go. Yay for Jenny.

It is too hot to have an electrical appliance on my lap. Regardless of the heat, I am really looking forward to living here.

Friday, May 23
5:34 PM

Now that I’m back home I have hit the ground running, going back to work and trying to organize my move. Lists will be made. Unnecessary belongings will be thrown out, sold or donated. My furniture will all be sold. I have had few moments in which my mind was uncluttered enough to process the fact of leaving; one of them happened in Portland while I was browsing a store with Jenny. I don’t know what triggered it, but I just had to stop and feel it for a second.

As you have probably deduced, I found a room to rent in Portland. Moving Day is June 16. I’m excited and happy. Three weeks feels like a long time ahead of me. I could start packing some stuff now, and sorting through keepers and non-keepers, but it’ll be a couple weeks yet before I have a yard sale … if I even have enough merchandise for a yard sale.

So I left with a place to live, but not a place to work. The job search will continue as ever.

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