Gotta have that funk

It was my first visit to the Mateel Community Center, and the first time in ages that I’d gotten dressed up to go out. I stayed true to the night’s theme with a black dress and shoes, red stockings, and red nail polish. Dressing up was definitely part of the fun, but once Parliament-Funkadelic took the stage, it wouldn’t have mattered what I was wearing as long as it gave me some breathing room. I was front and center for the most awesome show I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know how else to describe it (unfortunately for you, as you’re reading this blog expecting something mildly entertaining).

Being the person I am, I can rarely lose myself in any given moment. My brain’s machinery is always running like those background processes that you can see if you press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your computer. I’m usually keenly aware of my surroundings and what other people are doing. During the concert lastnight I tried to shut my mind off, so I could—I don’t know—just “feel” the music. Turns out that’s difficult to do when people are stepping on your feet, trying to knock off your glasses, and rubbing myriad body parts against you. Also, I was sober. But none of that really mattered. The band was incredible, and I used my meager allotment of floor space to dance dance dance. (I basically have one style of dancing, which I employ no matter what kind of music I’m listening to.)

They played for a good four hours. By the end, I could barely move. My knees, my feet, my back, and my neck were all killing me. I was ready to collapse from exhaustion, but I had to stay awake for another 45 minutes to make the drive back to Eureka. It was pretty surreal, driving along those empty roads at 2:00 AM in the fog. It seemed fitting that I saw a shooting star from the corner of my eye.

When I got home I fell into bed, still wearing my shimmery dress, and dreamed about funk.

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