New Year 2008

I’m having a very low-key New Year’s Eve. No place to go, nobody to hang out with. Only my wonderful local radio station is keeping me company. I can probably make it to midnight if I want to. (I wonder how much caffeine is in espresso ice cream.)

New Year’s is always a little bit discouraging because it means holiday vacations are over and I’m in for another couple months of winter—shivering in my apartment and not having enough sunlight to go for walks after work. But the days are gradually getting longer, and I love the patterns of ice that form on the surfaces of my car. There’s something to love about every season. It’s supposed to be getting stormy here soon.

I’m trying to think of new experiences I had and good things that happened in 2007. Firsts: Graduating from college. Getting a “real” job. Ocean kayaking and whitewater rafting. Dancing at a concert (as an adult). Hanging out with classmates during a field trip instead of keeping to myself. Hosting a community workshop (on estuary restoration). Driving in snow. Decorating my own Christmas tree. Eating Thai food and Indian food. Dyeing my hair. Realizing that I’m free to go wherever I want. Enjoying the spirit of this community. Probably lots of other small things I can’t recall right now.

Actually I think I’ve learned a lot this year that I can’t really put into words. I went through a painful breakup and bounced back feeling strong. I ventured out into the world a little bit more. I met a couple new people whom I hope to see more of in 2008. Life is definitely imperfect and I’m not always happy, but I’m hopeful—at least for the moment.

Resolutions for the New Year: Take more chances. Do what feels right and healthy. Be less wasteful. Work hard. Spend less time on the computer. (Ha!) Learn to cook something besides stir-fry, spaghetti and quesadillas. Read books, take photos and write. Learn some new skills. Save up some money to take a trip. Remember that life is short. Spend more time outdoors…. These are all things I tell myself often, but now is as good a time as any to try to remember them all.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight here. Happy New Year!

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