It’s fall again

This town is changing beneath my notice. New students are moving into the dorms, showing their parents around campus, getting to know the area. College kids who have been away for the summer are coming back. Classes start the day after tomorrow. I wonder how much this city’s population has swelled in the past week. Every day after work I’ve been taking L.K. Wood Boulevard to the freeway to get home, but from now on that street will be a nightmare at 5:00.

I’m envious of the freshmen. I remember the anticipation I had about starting college. Sometimes I catch myself feeling like I’m still in high school, desperately wanting to start a new life on a campus full of new faces and opportunities. Some of the best years of my life are behind me now, and I hope I didn’t waste them. What does it say about me that I still have this longing? I’m in absolutely no hurry to be a full-time student again. I think my life is just lacking new and interesting experiences. I rarely do anything remotely adventurous. And I’m sure I’m not living up to my full potential (but how many people really are?). If I were starting college again I’d have another chance to explore different fields and find out what what I really love and what I might be good at. Now I have to take it upon myself to find new avenues of exploration.

Actually, I’m taking a three-unit class this semester through CR. (My boss talked me into it.) If I had the money I’d probably look for another class to take for the heck of it. Now that I’m officially enrolled, maybe I can take something else in the spring.

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