Insect-related anecdotes

I went to lunch at Arcata Pizza & Deli, and sat at one of those tables in front of the window. There was a dead mosquito-eater on the windowsill. I thought nothing of it … until it started moving. *shudder* It was flopping and buzzing around in such a way that I could tell it was injured. No way I was getting my food near that. I wasn’t up to killing such a big bug with a napkin, either. I moved to the other window.

A couple of weeks ago, while driving back to Humboldt from Sacramento, one of my worst fears was realized: a wasp flew in through my open window. It was on my knee, and buzzing about my feet, but luckily it didn’t crawl up my shorts. It actually took me about ten minutes to realize what it was, because all I felt was some tickling sensation on my leg. Once I discovered the culprit, I pulled over and got out ASAP. I didn’t know what to do except stand around and hope it would fly out through one of the open-wide windows. So I stood around, and eventually I didn’t see the wasp anymore and I figured I’d better get back on the road. The rest of the drive went fine…. The next day, I sat down to put on my sneakers and felt/heard a crunching sensation. There was a dead wasp in my left shoe. That particular pair of shoes had been in the backseat of my car the day before, so the wasp must have crawled in there and died from the heat (or the smell–who knows?).

Oh, and there was a really gross bug on the front door of my apartment the other day. It resembled a giant ant, but had eight spidery legs and eyes on stalks. *violent shudder* My roommate was brave enough to squash it with a tissue. I wish I had a picture of it.

Well, have I grossed anybody out yet?

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