I shouldn’t even try to go to sleep before 11:00, especially not the week prior to graduation. I hadn’t checked e-mail and Myspace tonight because now that I have a job where I sit at a computer all day, theoretically I shouldn’t spend much time on the computer at home. But it’s so much easier to check that stuff on the home computer where my browser has the important pages bookmarked and usernames and passwords memorized.

La la la. Insomnia.

My senior project is DONE. We held our final presentation and workshop on Monday, and made the final additions and revisions to our paper earlier this evening. Everything went really well. We have a paper that’s going to be circulated among a bunch of people in the local restoration community, which is pretty cool even if it doesn’t get taken any farther.

Now all I have to do is spend the next two evenings cramming for my watershed final. I seriously have an entire textbook to review–so I’ll probably just read the chapter summaries. Whatever kind of studying I get done, I’ll make it through the test okay. It’ll be over at 10:00 AM on Friday. My parents arrive in town that afternoon, and I’ll see my friends in the evening. On Saturday I’ll put on my Marilyn Monroe-esque dress and walk across the stage to receive that all-important diploma cover. Woohoo! I hope I won’t feel too Dressed Up for graduation. I’ll try not to care about what other people are wearing because it’s my graduation day and I want to wear a pretty dress, dammit. Oh yeah, I’ll be wearing a cap and gown too.

Everything feels kind of anti-climactic because I already have a 9-to-5 job and I’m not leaving Arcata. It’s still a cause for excitement and celebration, though. As you can tell from my incessant postings about it.

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