Real update

So I’ve been pretty busy since my last “substantial” update. Spring Break was good. On Monday I drove up through Oregon, stopped to visit the grandparents in Roseburg, and continued on to Portland. I let myself into Jenny’s apartment because she was still at work. It felt odd being in a room alone, in a (somewhat) unfamiliar city, listening to planes taking off and landing nearby. I felt like I was in a hotel, or in a new apartment of my own–not a bad feeling at all. Remarkably, despite my lack of sleep the night before, I stayed up until after Jenny came home at 11:00.

The first thing we did on Tuesday was drive to the mall so I could get my hair cut. She got hers cut, too, and for the rest of the day we checked out our reflections in every mirror and store window. We walked around downtown, got some pizza, and went to Powell’s Bookstore (where I spent an entire 20 minutes looking at their selection of journals, trying to choose my favorite). I haven’t spent a lot of time in big cities since I moved to Humboldt County, and I felt very sophisticated being in downtown Portland. At one point we looked up to see actual window washers spraying the side of a building. Marveling at window washers makes me sound like some kind of hick, but hey! I’d only seen them in movies before.

On Tuesday night the dyeing of the hair occurred. We couldn’t really see the change until the next day, when we went to the Columbia River Gorge and Jenny pointed out that my new reddish tint was noticeable in the daylight. We stopped the car at a couple of scenic overlooks and visited five big waterfalls. Everything was gorgeous. By the way, at the first scenic overlook I became the first person in history to joke that the view of the gorge was gorgeous. Original, huh?

Jenny’s sister came into town later that day, and we went to Hawthorne Street to check out the shops. Later on I peeled potatoes and had a wonderful dinner prepared by Jenny and Randy. We watched Snakes on a Plane, which was as ridiculous as I’d hoped it would be.

I left on Thursday … and now I’m back in school. It’s going alright. I got back the lab paper that I wrote for WSHD–for something that I wrote almost entirely in one day, I got 121/125 points. So I think I won’t need to worry about my grade in that class. I’ll be graduating cum laude this spring.

At my internship I am almost done with my geology report, so hopefully I’ll get to do some more hands-on planning stuff during the rest of the semester. For my senior project we’re now conducting interviews, which are going well. Everything’s going to come to a head a few weeks from now, when the draft report is due. I hope we can pull it off.

And in the meantime, I’m still working at my annoying retail job.

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