Time for an update, I guess. It’s Spring Break, and tomorrow I’m driving to Portland to visit my dearest Jenny. I’m thinking more and more about moving there, but it won’t be for her because she probably won’t be there too much longer. Anyway, I really don’t know yet what I’m going to do after graduation.

This is a time of transition, personally and otherwise. Despite the hard times I’ve had lately I’ve had to stay on top of things. Last week I had two midterms and a big paper to write. They were all pretty much crammed into three days. I couldn’t work much on them the previous weekend because I was visiting my bro in Sacramento. (I’m so glad you’re safe now!) As far as my senior project goes, we’ve been scheduling interviews with folks who are players in the local restoration scene—planners, fisheries biologists, land trust representatives, engineers, etc. I’m nervous about the interviews. They know we’re students, and it won’t be exactly formal, but still we’re going to be on the spot.

Without going into detail on my personal life … I’m going through some weird stuff. I need to do something about it; I need to make a change. But I’m incapable of doing anything very daring. Today I decided that I want to respond to my personal drama in a cliched way, by changing my hair. I doubt it will be anything drastic. After all, how many things can possibly be done with thin, straight hair? (Also, shaving my head wouldn’t go over too well with my senior project team, or my bosses, or anybody for that matter.) But for some reason I think I need to do it. Of course I will post a pic, if it turns out well.

I’ve made sure to bring lots of heavy-guitar music for my trip tomorrow. Especially Modest Mouse. But there will also be Joni Mitchell and the Beatles, if I want to calm down.

Spring is in the air. I know how much of a cliché that phrase is, but it’s true. About this time of year I always get wistful. I think it’s because the end of a school year usually signals some kind of change, whether it’s watching friends leave, or having to move into the “real world.” And I can’t think of a better word than wistful, although there’s more to it than that.

P.S. Does anybody think I’d look good with a short hairstyle? I have trouble picturing it. Other hair suggestions are welcome, too.

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